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May 09, 2007



ouch, that hurt .....
Im sure there were lots of tears after that fall.


Man, you are "Super Woman". How did you manage to make it through three years and your girls listen to you??!! Do tell please... WE struggle on a daily basis. They do understand the meaning of the word NO, but it goes in one ear and out the other!



Andrea, yes, there were a lot of tears but isn't it wild how resiliant kids are! Crying one minute and laughing the next. Aubrey is one tough kiddo and this was her 2nd trip to the ER for an injury.

Rony, I am no Super Woman! I just don't have photos! I'd say my girls are more strong willed than mischevious though. That is a little harder to get on film. And as far as listening to the word no, well, one is a rule maker and the other is a rule breaker but by this age they understand Mama is all about consequences!


Uhhh...whaddya mean no NO NO photos. Are you aliens? A banana phone? That is so over the top. What am I doing wrong?


I LOVE that photo!! Congratulations on a wonderful family.


Now come on Senja! The banana isn't the no no, unless she was planning to peel it and set it in her sister's path. It just happens to be in the pic with the booboo. And, yes, we are aliens but we try to keep it hush hush as the covenants here are quite strict.

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