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Jan 12, 2008


lisa and tate

I totally love reading your blog and hearing and seeing life with two imaginative darling gals.... you are a great read for a waiting momma like me.

Auntie M



Absolutely you're a trophy wife!
I hate awards. You can tell by my acceptance speeches.
I love reading you. And I don't mean in a tarot card way.
You are doing a SPLENDID job raising your twin beauties. And you definately look like you're having more fun at it than we are!


Ahh! Thank you Trish! I have a 'thank you' blog post that is in the works for you. I was actually working on it even before you gave me this award, but I'm going to pretend it is in response to the reward when I post it! ;)
You know I love your blog. I'm sure there are many 'purposes' to it, but I personally like to believe that your blog's soul purpose is to provide me with regular updates and photos of my future daughters-in-law! :)
Love ya!


Thank you for all the nice notes! I have been meaning to write this .... and it isn't my usual procrastination keeping me from it ..... but typepad hasn't been letting me comment on my own blog! It thinks I am a spammer. How weird is that?

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